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Company: The Moorings
Category: Yachts (Chef, Cook, Yacht Captain)
Location(s): British Virgin Islands, Seychelles

The Moorings

At The Moorings our crewed charter is exclusively about our guests. From all-inclusive gourmet meals and refreshing cocktails served up by our fantastic chefs to secluded, gorgeous vistas navigated to by our expert captains, every experience on board our crewed yachts is tailored to meet our customer’s every needs. The Moorings are ...more details

Company: The Moorings
Category: Yachts (Chef)
Location(s): British Virgin Islands

The Moorings

The Captain and Chef will work as a live aboard team to manage and operate the yacht. This includes when the yacht is on and off charter.   While on charter, the chef is responsible for the food service and housekeeping of the yacht.  You must recognize this is a service industry and act accordingly.   The chef must accept any ...more details

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