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  • Cambridge


Main category: Summer camps

Sub Categories:

  • Activity Leader Jobs
  • Summer Camp Sport Roles


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Summer Activity Leader
Summer Activity Leader
Embassy Summer
Summer camps (Activity Leader Jobs, Summer Camp Sport Roles)
11th June - 27th July 2018
From £291 - £387 per week (44 hours)

Key Responsibilities:

Supervise under 18 year old students during social events on and off site

Accompany and support over 18 year old students during social events on and off site

Support Group Leaders in discharging responsibility for safety and safeguarding

Ensure that all necessary resources are present before starting the activity (i.e. tickets, travel plans or equipment)

Complete activity based risk assessments (H&S and Safeguarding) prior to attending and supervising social events on and off site

Ensuring school and inspection safeguarding best practice is followed at all times.

Assisting with advertising and promoting student events

Actively seek student feedback by facilitating questionnaires and surveys relating to the activities and social programme  

Suggest new opportunities for activities and social events which are age appropriate and inclusive

Take on any other additional tasks reasonably required

Organisational Compliance:

The College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students and as such all staff will be expected to undergo appropriate safeguarding training and operate within all safeguarding policies and procedures.


Good judgement

Excellent communication skills

Customer focussed

Approachable and friendly


Quick thinking



Safety conscious

Fair and non-judgemental

Sensitivity to cultural and linguistic differences



Sports based qualification (Desirable)

Events management (Desirable)

First Aid (Desirable)

Experience Required:

Experience of running events / activities (sports or social)

Experience in an academic environment (Desirable)


Good working knowledge of London/key tourist attractions/events and other places of interest outside London

Excellent interpersonal skills: able to enthuse and motivate students

Problem solving skills